Cisco is raising Collaboration and Enterprise 2.0 eyebrows…

Seems Cisco has peaked the interest of several folks… We just launched our 2010 Collaboration platform, and lots of folks are taking notice.
We are hearing customer CIOs saying “This is a game changer for Cisco”. We are hearing some prominent, and traditionally Cisco-negative analysts saying great things, and are even hearing from Enterprise 2.0 proponents…

You can visit the official launch site at: join the conversation…


Cisco Collaboration Vision: New Launch Enhances Market Position
“Few companies have the strategic vision or resources (human and financial) to execute a product/service launch on the scale Cisco has just executed, and I doubt that any of Cisco’s competitors in the enterprise communications market space could be included in the select group.” – Allan Sulkin

Enterprise 2.0 conference has run three recent articles of note:
Digging into Webex Mail

“Cisco’s offering squarely hits its target.” “Will these shortcomings matter to the majority of the market that relies on Exchange and Windows desktops? Probably not. And for those organizations, WebEx Mail presents a compelling alternative to continuing to invest in on-premise Microsoft Exchange servers.”

Hi, everyone. Cisco’s here

In case you missed it, Cisco took the wraps off its social/collaboration strategy yesterday at its Collaboration Summit (#ciscocollab) summit in San Francisco. Cisco fired a salvo deep into the territory of Microsoft and IBM Lotus (and to a lesser extent, Google) with its own suite of products covering messaging and social computing

XMPP feels much better


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