Saving $700/yr by giving DirecTV/Cable the boot.. Part2

Recording HD shows over-the-air…

My EyeTV Hybrid from ElGato arrived today… well, actually I couldn’t wait any loger and went and got one at the local Apple store.

Easy setup and al that gets me a Mac based PVR. Now all of the shows we’re going to pay for will be delivered in iTunes, so I had to look for a way to make the recorder off-the-air shows be delivered into iTunes as well. A 1 hour HD soap comes in at 5GB, so compresson is also a must.

Thanks to this post from, I have an AppleScript that auto converts and plunks the resulting compressed file directly into iTunes, complete with titles, episode numbers etc.

That part is now done and working quite nicely. I only have one conflict on the schedule (with a single tuner, you see) and that will be solved by buying Heroes from iTunes at a little over $55.

Total cost so far – rounded for easy (lazy) math:

  • EyeTV Tuner $150
  • Antenna $50
  • Heroes season $55

For a total of $255 – which should be paid for in 3 months by whacking DirecTV.

The upside, everything (including music, movies, TV Shows etc) is inside of iTunes, and can be synced to iPhones, other Macs, iPods etc etc, blah blah…



2 thoughts on “Saving $700/yr by giving DirecTV/Cable the boot.. Part2

  1. One thing I had trouble with on my parents’ EyeTV was the remote. I wanted it to use the iMac’s IR recv’er, but I was only able to get it to work with the IR recv’er on the USB stick itself. Obviously, not ideal for an iMac setup.

    Did you play with it at all? You’re making me want to pick one up (along w/ the mini I’ve been craving for in my A/V cabinet).

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