Saving $700/yr by giving DirecTV/Cable the boot.. Part3

Adjusted Codecs

We played back “Cougar Town” last night from the Mac Mini to check the end user experience and noticed that there was some jerkiness to the video. No obvious CPU or Disk issues, however instead of using the settings that came with the “Recording done” script, I tested the built in handbrake AppleTV setting, with good success…

Dual ElGato EyeTV Tuners

My second tuner arrived today – plugged it in and scheduled two programs to be recorded simultaneously. This will allow us to get Heroes again if all works well, since its broadcast opposite Big Bang Theory. I hear that scheduling two shows works, however there is no smart selection of which tuner to use. Since both tuners connect to the same source, in my case it won’t matter. In the case of a DVT/CABLE arrangement, it would.

The recordings happened without a hitch, I’ll keep an eye out for any other gotchas in the next week or so. One cause for issues may be when two 30 minute shows are recording opposite a 1 hour show. Does EyeTV have the smarts to handle that plus the 1 minute overlap? We shall see.

Frontrow From Harmony Remote

I still need to do some playing with this, specifically the commercial skipping possibilities. One thing TiVo and DirecTV (and other) DVRs do well is to allow you to skip forwards and backwards.

Usability tests as well as possibly manually inserting 10 or 30 second chapter points into the file may make this easier.. I need to do some playing.

Projected Savings year 1: $1026 – $370 (hardware) = $656 – $150 (3 x shows) = $506

Projected Savings year n: $1026 – $150 (3s purchased iTunes shows) = $876

PyeTV – EyeTV inside Frontrow

In messing around I also found a FrontRow plugin called PyeTV which essentially makes all the EyeTV programs that have been recorded available inside frontrow, with optional commercial skipping software.

So now I have to decide whether I choose iTunes or PyeTV for viewing. EyeTV has mpeg2 files, which are bigger… and all my content would not be inside of iTunes…

Ill let you kow how it goes.


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