Turbocharge my Macbook Pro – moving my system to an expresscard SSD

I took a look at some info on MacWorld that talked about using an ExpressCard SSD drive as the main System/App drive for my machine. Looking at some of the forum posts, everyone is extatic about the performance gain, without having to upgrade my entire drive.

My existing HD in this thing is a 7200RPM 512GB drive – and being the geek I am – I need more speed!

I ordered my FileMate SolidGO Ultra drive from NewEgg, which claims transfer rates of 115MB/s read and 65MB/s write, and slapped it into the ExpressCard on my MacBook pro.

I installed OSX and did the usual setup of the OS. I had to do a fresh install with no restore from Time Machine as I only had 48GB to play with…

The result: Crazy fast boot and app times….

I have moved my home folder to the internal drive so as to save space on the SSD, which is at 45% used space…

Overall, a good deal….


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