MediaTransfer for iPhone

We are in the habit of saving all our video and pictures to a server (Mac mini) and then selectively adding pics to iPhoto or Video to the “keep it” folder…

Using an EyeFi card in the Digital SLR camera works great, but now with iPhone 4 and it’s HiDef 720p video I needed a simple (wife friendly) way to just push everything from an iPhone to a server without going via iPhoto.

To this end I have written an iPhone app called MediaTransfer. It reads the iPhone camera roll, and FTPs any non-uploaded files directly to your server (read: local Mac or pc) without you having to do anything but launch the app.

Wife friendly, local (fast) networking and FTP (flexibility) for getting your digital assets from phone to server.

Currently Apple doesn’t support deleting items, or I would have an option to delete FTPed files…

Let’s see how quickly Apple can approve the app… Or reject it.


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