The iX ecosystem… some help “getting” what you “don’t get” about maddeningly idiotic iOS users…

“I just don’t get it… why would someone buy an iPhone? Its controlled in it’s walled garden, has generally inferior hardware, youre being screwed by contracts and your phone manufacturer… the reception in certain places just plain blows…. I just don’t get it.”…

Warning: I am going to make liberal use of “shitty” in this post for color…

The iX range of devices (iPhone, iPad, iMac etc) will soon be joined by a new member, the iTV. In addition there are a lot of rumors of “WiFi sync” floating around.. oh yes, pitifully late I know. But both will probably help a lot of folks “get it” as to why dim-whit freaks like me prefer to heap piles of our hard earned cash on phones that suck… (and why were happy with 720p)

Its because this is not about the singular device, but an collection of them… and how they all play extremely well together. Yep, plenty of improvement to be had to be sure… but they work a hell of a lot better than any other collection of gadgetry out there.

They link with a service that lets me buy Music, Books, TV shows, Movies.. uhh… Media… which then syncs and play on any iX device in my house, with a consistent interface across all of them.

Let me say that again… They ALL work with each other and they ALL just work. Not just my shitty phone… my shitty computer, my shitty music company, my shitty stereo system, our multiple form-factor shitty MP3 players, my shitty video company, my shitty TV, my shitty tablet, my shitty video camera, my shity  camera….

Oh yeah, and my Wife. Turns out that iWife and iKid are pretty important. Especially when iWife despises all this shitty technology.

My wife can browse movies on her iPhone/iPad/iTunes/iTV, buy them and then watch them on any iPhone/iPad/iPid/iTV/iTunes device in the house. She doesnt know how. It just works. They ALL just work together.

So yes, your phone has a better camera than mine (actually, it probably doesnt but yours sure as shit doesnt work seamlessly with your TV, your photo frame, your Computers, facebook and photo printing service… for those high-quality pictures in frames above your bed that your wife managed to get done all by herself…

If you have to be tech support for your wife… which, as it turns out, is a service she does NOT appreciate having to use, then I don’t want to hear about how fly-ass your phone is, geekboy.

And of all those shitty things I mentioned, it turns out a vast majority of them are actually surprisingly not shitty… market leaders in fact, if not market creators.

Yes, apparently you dont get it.

Now for all those of you with just one iX device….

PS: Woot! I used the word shit fifteen times in this post FTW!


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