Impressions Done: Custom In-Ear monitors from LiveWires

Back in 2007,TechPowerUp did a review of the original LiveWires in ear monitors.

The final paragraphs of the review: “If you want the very best of the IEM world without having to dish out upward $700 that most premium custom in-ears cost, the LiveWires are just the ones for you. The procedure of getting one is more time consuming than just buying a pair of universals, but in the end I definitely feel that each second spent finding an audiologist and getting molds done was more than worth it. There is not a doubt in my mind these custom in-ears are a major step up from everything else I have ever tried in terms of earphones. The sound quality is just leaps ahead in almost every aspect compared to my Sleek-Audio SA6s and Klipsch Images. The reward you get in terms of sound quality for your time spent getting molds done is just out of this world. The LiveWires are true performers and considering the price they are mind bogglingly good. The usual price for a pair of LiveWires is $249 plus handling, shipping, and of course your molds which means that their total cost is usually ends up about $300-310. It is just ridiculous considering that they are custom made and offer way better sound quality than most of the universal fit earphones in the same price segment. The price performance ratio is way better than any of the high-end earphones I have ever tried.

I lost my last custom eargels, and so i decided to take the plunge… so shis morning I went to my friendly neighborhood Audiologist to get impressions done. After 15 minutes or so, I had two pink molds of my ears done.


Some more info on how exactly these things work is available at Popular Science:


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