iPhone Parts: Custom In-Ear monitors from LiveWires

First, another review: “Every once in a while you stumble over a product that is so marvelous you wonder if you’ve actually discovered the holy grail.”


I know once I get my monitors that the next thing I will want is to be able to use them with the iPhone. Specifically, I will need a Mic, and the control buttons to control volume, playback etc that are normally found on the Apple and 3rd party headsets.

I also know that the LiveWires will only come with a standard cable – but one of the reasons I ordered them is that they have replaceable cables, connected to the actual monitors using a MCX connector.

What I plan to do is snip off the Apple earbuds and solder on an MCX connector so that Voila! I have a cable set that I can use with the iPhone.

I ordered four connectors here from Allied Electronics – they are MCX Plugs rated at 50 Ohms and will be soldered to my earphone leads from Apple.

Total cost, delivered: $29.05

Super fast delivery… my MCX plugs got here in 1 day…

So far – this doesnt work very well. iPhone ends have a lot of wire and cutting the wire short doesnt work well since the wires have some resin based shielding.


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