Will a shift in Consumer PC sales also “Consumerize” to IT?

A new chart is out showing the growth rate of Consumer PC Sales over the past five years or so. Through the Vista debacle as well as the recession in the United States there was no slowdown in growth rate, but now in 2011 we see what may be the beginnings of a slide, or maybe even just an anomaly….

The general consensus is that the tablet market is eating away at the consumer PC market, and I tend to agree. Already in my mind my parents and parents-in-law will likely move to one of these devices when the existing PC gets long in the tooth.

The next-gen devices are more squarely aimed at the consumer market and do everything my mother in law needs:

  • Video Chat (Skype or Facetime)
  • Email
  • Web browsing
  • Videos
  • Games

In addition I will not need to get the “I think I have a virus” calls, or “Can you help me with my printer driver” calls, or “The porgram says it needs a new version of OpenGL, whats OpenGL?” calls, because if we choose so, we can opt into a closed ecosystem/walled garden that will avoid me ever having to make a house call.

The devices can be portable, can hook up to the TV, can be paired with a keyboard, can print….

I’m really wracking my brain as to why not.

The followon debate that will play out over the next few years will be just how much of this trend “consumerizes” the enterprise.

Now, this is not necessarily a loosing proposition for Linux/Windows – Microsoft’s next Tablet/Slate (Still don’t know the distinction) will likely step in to try fill the void, as will others.

In the meantime, the current platforms grow stickier and stickier.

The decline of the “Personal Computer” has begun.

While the “Work Computer” seems to still have some life, the whole notion of Consumerization of IT just became a whole lot more interesting, with the switch eased by the rise of VDI, Server Virtualization and ultimately Web Apps and “Cloud”.

On a personal note, I see a huge number of businesses switching high-end workers (Directors and above as well as high-power workers) to these new devices at least as mobile devices.)


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