Apple: Time for “Merge Apple ID” functionality

Between my wife, myself and the test accounts we can set up on the new iCloud service, its way past time that Apple give us a way to merge our iAccounts.

Currently you can not merge accounts, and so if you have an account registered with your real email address, and a address etc… it causes some serious issues that will spring to life with the new iCloud service…


3 thoughts on “Apple: Time for “Merge Apple ID” functionality

  1. I’ve been asking this exact question. I’m not sure how I’m going to transition in to this world.

    Today, we have a shared iMac with separate user accounts that has shared iTunes and iPhoto libraries. iTunes on the Mac, my work MBP, my iPhone, Becky’s iPhone, our iPad and our iPod Touch are all authorized to my iTMS account. We each use GMail as our current “cloud” calendar and mail provider (and don’t really manage contacts well).

    The clear advantage of this setup is that we don’t have to buy apps or content 2x to have them on all the devices. Interestingly, GameCenter doesn’t require the same iTMS account. You can connect a different apple ID to GameCenter, so we can play Fruit Ninja just fine. 😉

    In today’s sync’ed world, we get the advantage of the “buy once, both get to use” for all our apps and music purchases. While it is certainly a pain to manage all the manual sync’ing via the iMac (keeping it as the system of record), the advantage is that we can sufficiently filter things for each device. I don’t want the ABC’s app that Allison plays on Becky’s phone, and Becky doesn’t need WebEx.

    If Apple normalizes everything to the AppleID, we’re likely going to need to keep our ID’s separate to keep the “filtering” that goes on today. The whole thing looks like it could get terribly confusing. They really need to clarify the multi-user family use case.

  2. As I tweeted, I think the answer here is letting multiple iCloud ID’s live under a single purchasing iTMS account under some sort of “family” provision. I’d even pay a fee for that sort of setup.

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