Watch out for OSX Lion’s “All windows where you left them” feature!

My wife and I are the proud parents of a new baby boy as of May 31st. We recorded the whole thing, which turned out to have to be a c-section.

I opened the video in Quicktime Viewer and quit the app sometime later.

Imagine my surprise (and luckily nothing crazy was on screen) when I double-clicked to open a different video file to show a colleague and the ole “delivery video” popped right up as well.

I can see this causing all kinds of issues…. maybe this just hasn’t been smoothed out yet.

So, Apple, hows about the Command-Q default menu now doing a “Close all windows and quit” with some other command sequence just being quit?

For now – don’t just quit. Close all windows and THEN quit.

Edit: Well, Lion is due in days, and the behavior looks like its her to stay – and now with all apps reopening windows this is going to be a wild ride…. don’t submit an order online and then just Quit the app… Safari will relaunch and try submit that form again.

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13 thoughts on “Watch out for OSX Lion’s “All windows where you left them” feature!

    1. Lion is due and July and will likely be downloaded and installed liberally. This behavior is inherent in the new OS and will impact hour-to-hour workflows, not just reboots/restarts.

      I don’t think folks are reading into the resume feature this daily app use ramification.

      This feature is squarely documented in terms of reboots/restarts and impacts general app use.

  1. I guess they’ve spent some thought into crashing applications. I remember the cool new OS/2 feature arround 1995, to restore desktop as you left it. When you “left it” due to a crashing application, the next reboot took the whole looooong booting time, just to end up with starting the crashing application … and crash again.

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