Want the best possible sound from your iPad/iPhone/iPad without breaking the bank?

Looking for the last set of headphones you will ever buy for your iOS devices? Head on over to http://www.mylivewires.com – for the best earphones you can get for anything close to their price. Period.

A brief history:

If you are an iOS device owner, you are probably like me and are not thrilled witht he quality of the standard earphones that come with your device. They’re okay in terms of sound quality, IF they fit your ears right. They never fit mine…. but they have those nifty Apple controls on them for volume etc as well as a mic…

I have gone through two sets of Etymotic Research headphones for iPhone. Great quality, much better noise reduction, but a pain int he ear…

I have been through two sets of standard Ultimate Ears headphones and who knows how many other more generic sets with the same pain-in-the-ear issue with great but not fantastic sound quality.

Why multiple sets? Turns out I kept loosing them or breaking them (most notably the cables)

I eventually decided that I really needed to get something molded for my ears, and so I bought a set of custom rubber earpieces that were designed to be able to insert the standard Apple earpieces into. The idea here was that if I broke them I could pick up another pair of headphones easily. Essentially these were an Apple-to-Jeremy’s-Ear adapter… made of silicone.

It turns out that the “loose them” issue remained but the upside of that set was they fit perfectly, and so I could wear them for hours. The sound quality was good, not great, and that the Apple headsets kept popping out.

Enter LiveWires.

When I lost my rubber earpieces for the last time, I knew I had to stay with custom fit… and so I started to research in-ear monitors, looking for something reasonably priced. “Reasonably priced” is relative – but I am talking custom monitors here. The range of cost for a set is anywhere from $250 to $1350 or more. I bought a set of LiveWires a while ago, and the reason for this post is that they have not closed the last “issue” for me – in that they now deliver iPhone cables. Heres the deal:

LiveWires now has my perfect solution:

  • Custom molded earpieces
  • Multiple colors and options
  • Dual or Triple driver models
  • Labels built into the product (No more lost phones – they have my name in them)
  • Replaceable/interchangable/detachable cables (High Fidelity or iPhone interchangable – no more broken ‘phones cause of cable breakages)
  • Low cost for custom monitors: $249.00 for dual driver models (Ultimate ears’ version start at $399)
  • iPhone cables available

You can learn more about what LiveWires produces by checking out my blog series on LiveWires (written when I bought them originally).

If you are looking for the last set of headphones you will ever buy for your iOS devices, head on over to www.mylivewires.com – or check them out on Facebook – and let them know that I sent you.


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