Reality check on the rumors around Office for iPad/Android

In a recent deluge of articles regarding Microsoft’s imminent support for Office on iOS and possibly Android in November, MacRumors has weighed in on the rumor itself, and also the Microsoft denial…  after  The Daily article .. but nobody has done much to analyze what may or may not be going on here.

Original picture from the The Daily article

Its pretty obvious, and I am surprised nobody gets it.

There are two opposing forces here at a high level:

  • The Office division at Microsoft would probably love to bring yet another target OS on-board to grow their revenue and franchise. Selling you yet another copy of Office is a good idea for them.
  • Its extremely likely that there already is an Office set of Apps for at least iOS, as a result of the above, however…
  • The Windows folks certainly think this is a terrible idea. Tablets and alternate platforms are a threat to the “Air that Microsoft breathes” – Windows. So how do you fix this?
  • Whoop up the value of Windows 8, including the tablet editions! Provide more value on Microsoft’s devices than you get on other folk’s devices. How? By making Office an exclusive, or – if someone pointed a large projectile launcher at your head-  at the very least make the “alternate platform” versions suck.

I suspect Office for iOS+Android does exist, but Microsoft would be out of their mind’s to release it for those platforms until they give Windows 8 a shot at stemming the tide, even if it helps Office revenue. It’d be the equivalent of waving the white flag on the Tablet business.

Office for iOS exists, you just can’t have it because you should rather flush your iPad and buy a Windows 8 RT device.


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