New Lightning Connector could support USB 3.0, not the end of the world.

The new preferred connector for Apple mobile devices was announced on September 12, 2012 after a long run of nearly ten years. The connector it replaces was first introduced in 2003.

Complaint #1: You’re making me ditch all my old cables, docks etc

Fair enough, we’re going to be forklifting a bunch of stuff… but lets keep some perspective… In that time the average mobile device from just about every other provider has switched at least once…from custom, to USB to Mini USB, to Micro USB etc…

So, in perspective while there is a change, and you’ll need to throw away all your old cables, or buy adapters… but based on their track record, those new cables should last you a long time.

Complaint #2: The new connector has 8 pins, while USB 3.0 has 9 – It can’t support USB 3.0 speeds!

The standard USB 3.0 spec includes 9 pins, but fear not – there is a duplicate ground on 4 and 7… so with the 8 pins of the Apple Lightning connector you absolutely could support USB 3.0 speeds:

Pin Name Description
2 D- Data –
3 D+ Data +
4 GND Ground
5 USB3_RX USB 3.0 Data Receive (differential)
6 USB3_RX USB 3.0 Data Receive (differential)
7 GND Ground
8 USB3_TX USB 3.0 Data Transmit (differential)
9 USB3_TX USB 3.0 Data Transmit (differential)

The real issue is whats inside the mobile devices.. and this current generation has USB 2.0 guts…


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