Ditching the Drobo

I was copying a file (2.5GB video file) to my Drobo locally, and according to the progress bar, the copy was happening at about 2.5MB per second.

On a FireWire 800 connection. To a 56% full drobo drive.

Ok, so I shut down, connected a western digital drive and tried the same thing. WAY faster.

Drobo tech supports claims that the Drobo array is completely healthy and is trying to convince me that I should be happy with this horrific transfer rate….

Here is the copy dialog when copying a file from my Mini server to an external WD hard drive over FireWire 800, a few seconds into the copy:


Here is that same file, that same FireWire 800 cable and a Drobo NAS:



10:00 – I’v been tot he store and picked up two G-Drive 4TB drives.

10:20 – SuperDuper is copying the contents of the Drobo to one of the G-Drives – the second will be a local Time Machine backup.

11:00 – About 40 minutes in, it looks like it will take over 100 hours to copy 2TB, where all the computer is doing is reading from Drobo. Xfer rate: 5.74MB/s far lower than the average of 70MB/s we SHOULD be getting from the Drobo.

4:09PM – Just figured out that with my Cable connection I can probably exceed 5MB/s download rate and should just restore from Crashplan.. Stopped copy, disconnected Drobo and restoring to new drive


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