A better cable for your Vamp Verza + iPhone 5

The cable that comes with the Vamp Verza for an iPhone 5 is a short cable thats pretty standard. The issue is that if you have headphones attached, and you put this rig in your pocket or case, the short cable takes a lot of strain since its on the bottom of the phone, and the Vamp’s headphone socket is on top.

To make a MUCH sturdier cable, I used a Griffin micro USB cable for $12 as well as an Apple MicroUSB to Lightning adapter for $20:


Adding them together and looping them around to connect the Vamp is great, but they need some serious strain relief, provided by a zip tie:


Now the opposite is true when you remove the cable – it wants to push the connectors together, and you may lose the ziptie… so a little hot gluing later, I have a rock solid cable that blows away the POS standard cable:



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