Mophe Juicepack Helium seems to interfere with iPhone inline mics

I have found a HUGE problem with my Mohpie JucicePack Helium. In essence, it disables the inline Mic in Apple and 3rd party headsets… exactly what you don’t want when walking through an airport… which is exactly when I want a JuicePack!

  • If I place my iPhone 5 into the Mophie Juicepack Helium, and then connect a mic cable, the mic is not active.
  • If I thread the cable throughout he juice pack mic hole and plug it into the iPhone and then attach the Juicepack, the Mic works.
  • As soon as you disconnect and reconnect the mic cable… blammo. Dead mic again.

This basically means the JuicePack either disables your Mic… or is a royal pain in the ass..

To test to see if your iPhone thinks you have a mic attached to your headphone cable, you can use my app here, called MiCheck. This app will tell you if the iPhone thinks there is an external Mic connected or not:



Is your JuicePack doing the same?


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