Its high time Facebook, Youtube and other ad-based websites allowed us to remove ads by charging a modest fee…

You have all seen the now famous cartoon:


I know Facebook, Youtube and other sites all make money from advertising, but my feeds are becoming awfully spammy…. and so are those of my friends.

Now, these sites make money for ad impressions and click-thru, but I almost never click any ads…I have advertised using Google’s services before and per-click costs can vary widely, but based on my habits on Facebook, I can’t be generating any revenue except maybe four or five times a year.

How about charging me marginally more money than Facebook makes from throwing ads at my eyeballs, for turning off all this garbage in my feed?

For me I think $1.99 or $2.99 a month is actually more money than Facebook makes from me, and would be happy paying it.

For a $10 a month budget I could turn off ads on Facebook, Youtube and a few other sites, and I am all for it.

Even better, why doesn’t someone less lazy and with better connections than me negotiate deals with the top sites and offer ad-free as a service I can spend my $25 a month on: I can join Ad-Free and turn off ads on all affiliated sites, and let the money trickle through to them – to turn off ALL ads across my top sites…

C’mon guys, lets us pay our way out from all the garbage.


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