Mounting iPod Touch to the wall for easy-access controller…

We have a bunch of Sonos speakers around the house, but Sonos is no longer updating their controller software and pushing users to iPods/iPads/iPhones – which makes complete sense.

One issue with this is we need a replacement for the dockable controllers, and an iPod touch is a natural candidate.

Today I created a mount for an iPod touch using a blank faceplate, some neodymium magnets and an Apple mini charger…

I hot glued some big magnets to the back of the faceplate, and superglued some very low profile magnets to the back of the iPod touch. Watch out! As soon as those magnets on the iPod touch get near it they want to drift to the magnetic parts inside the ‘touch.

I soldered leads to an Apple mini charger and hit it in the electrical box behind the faceplate…



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