Oculus blows the Rift launch date… Badly

Overnight, Oculus sent customers an update for their ship dates, with Some users seeing their order delivery estimates slipping by two months, or perhaps more.

Some customers are accusing Oculus of knowingly misleading their customers in order to prevent them from jumping ship to the Htc Vive headset, whose shipping estimates are far more favorable than the current Oculus estimates.

Others lament that Oculus has not apologized or shown remorse in any way for the delays.


This after a previous email claiming the rifts were “almost ready to ship” a few weeks back:

An intrepid Oculus employee announced the update on reddit last night and has been seeing the backlash directly while others on the shipping thread also voice their frustrations.

Oculus has shipped two previous batches of prototype rifts, the DK1 and DK2 and so is not new to the process and similar angst before.

This sort of debacle reminds one just how good Tim Cook and Apple are on delivering on their promises.

My preorder, placed 6 minutes 14 seconds after they opened up was to ship by this Thursday and has been pushed back to 4/25/2016 – 5/5/2016. I’ll be waiting as I think Oculus has a medium term advantage over Vive



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