Spark over Email!

I have 1,341 unread emails in my inbox screen-shot-2016-09-13-at-1-37-36-pm

I have only 7 unread messages in Spark. screen-shot-2016-09-13-at-1-37-43-pm


Why is this? Because in eMail, I get various levels of Spam: Full-on spam, as well as internal spam from “well meaning” individuals pummeling my productivity. You know who you are, emailer to

Most of this spam comes in because I am on someone else’s email recipient list. I have no control.

In Spark I get to choose the rooms I’m in, and for which I get notifications. If a room is noisy, I can mute it or leave.

For Email, I have to try unsubscribe, or ask someone to remove me.

Content and messages are inherently in their associated Spark room for the topic.

I have to rely on “smart technology” to do the same in Email. To manage an email message (which is just one in my list of tens of thousands) I have to rely on client based threading, spam filters and inbox rules.

Spark turns communications inside out. YOU are in control, not the sender.


PS: Spark security inherently and radically reduces occurrences of phishing and also has integrated voice, video, screen sharing, e-2-e security, remote room system control, calendar and all this is fully integrated to my iOS 10 mobile device.

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