Oculus Rift + Touch Room Scale Setup Tips

Oculus has a pretty good doc on how to set up basic room scale with three sensors that you can get to from here. The issue is that it assumes you have a room setup where your PC is set up on a desk and the play area faces that desk:


This is the optimal setup because the field of view of the cameras is 110 degrees horizontally and 70 degrees vertically. The camera view is essentially a wide cone, so you notice a “dead spot” directly in front of the PC… which is not an issue if the cameras are set up on a desk…

If you have a rectangular play area and want to mount those cameras on the wall, you will notice you can’t get actually move all the way to the wall because of the dead spot in the center of the wall itself. In my experience about 6-10 inches of lost space.

Tip: mount the cameras as close as possible to the “front” wall – the wall indicated by the top of the diagram above.


In my case this is in a corner and I mounted the camera as close as possible to the corner. I also had to hot glue the base so that the tension of the cable would not move the camera horizontally on the screw base. I also marked a black dot on the base of the direction of the camera in case it moved. This will be cleaned up.

Theoretically by angling the cameras inwards, you would get coverage but the setup software wants you to angle them so that they’re closer to parallel. I seem to get about a 30 degree angle inwards.




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